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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We are all more than aware of the critical Climate crisis facing us, with the many Media audio and visuals of countries serious and growing problems with floods, fires, drought and our seas being polluted globally and more so with the recent COP26 Conference having taken place in Scotland highlighted on the News. We all need to make serious and conscious efforts to play our part in addressing this issue right now.

So what are Subspaceleathers doing about their Carbon Footprint?

We've been addressing this issue for many years already with recycling lots of our excess materials, leathers, parts and slightly imperfect creations.

Subspaceleathers have a secondary smaller business and store on Etsy 'Triskele Leathers' that we use excess leather/sheepskin hardware etc and make Cosplay, Leather Crafting packs and other mainly small leather goods to sell.

We have been donating several large boxes/bags of off-cut leather/suede/leather cords to numerous small organisations, craft persons and crafting groups of all ages for the last five years to recycle our materials.

We've been selling our slightly imperfect creations as Sale/Clearance/Reduced listing in our Etsy store/Website and Face to Face trading for the last 6 years rather than 'binning' them.

Subspaceleathers/Triskele Leathers have always used plain brown cardboard biodegradable recyclable shipping boxes and recycling most of the packaging we receive our materials in.

We have insulated the workshop in the last two years so that we need less heating for our work environment. Our work hours during the winter months have also been reduced so we spend less time in the workshop in cold weather.

Subspaceleathers haven't traded face to face at Alternative/Kink markets in the last two years due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and we have now decided not to do so in the future which reduces our Car Journeys.

Primarily we source 95% of our materials from within the UK or more local to our workshop from mainly smaller businesses to reduce Air Freight/Travel pollution and support other small merchants.

We Bulk purchase and store many of our materials than before to help reduce on excess car/van shipping journeys.

We only travel by car once a week to the post office to post out orders, but will soon have a post office in walking distance so will dispatch more times a week but do the journey on foot.

We now have a new model car with less emissions polluting the environment.

Repurposing much of our Face to face trading stall display equipment either in our Workshop and Office or passing items on to others who are trading at markets/fairs.

What other changes are Subspaceleathers making to reduce their Carbon Foot print even further?

Investing in purchasing a Cardboard shredder and recycling used boxes/paper as packing materials.

Use brown paper/shredded cardboard as packaging in all our boxed orders

Reduce the amount of paper used for Admin 

Stop using 'any' bubblewrap packaging

Stop using Black Wrap for some larger packages we ship out

Stop using Larger clear plastic sealer bags to package our AB/DL Harnesses or other large products

We shall use only clear sealer bags for our gags for packaging

Design more versatile products like our multi front gags to use less leather and PVC materials

Continue to recycle as much of our off-cuts, un-used materials or imperfect creations

To always be mindful and consider other ways to reduce our business impact on our planet for future generations.

Encourage our Staff to Re-purpose or Re-Cycle more in their home lives.


For more than Ten years, SubSpace Leathers have been the name above names in the quality BDSM/Fetish leathers scene. Our unique, Artisan made kink toys have become legendary in UK kink and internationally, and we are a occasionally a fixture at many major trade shows and online, via our popular Etsy store. You will only find our products Exclusively available via our website, Etsy store or in person at our traders stand. We do not drop ship therefore keeping our brand exclusive for the customer. 


We at SubSpace Leathers are active members of the BDSM/Fetish community, and our long term lived experience of the BDSM lifestyle in a changing political and cultural landscape affects and informs how we run our business. When this business started, as a small stall at fetish markets in London and the South East of England, our goal was to provide the absolute highest quality fetish and kink toys for our clients and our friends, and that goal remains unchanged. To this day, we are confident that our products are the very best on the market.

Everything we sell is made by us in the UK, with quality control and customer service our watchwords. There is no room for compromise on the materials we use, from the leathers/Suedes/sheepskins we buy to cut and assemble in our workshop, to the rigorously-tested hardware, buckles and adornments. We don't sell imported paddles and cuffs, chopped and assembled by machines in overseas factories; SubSpace Leathers cut, stitch, bond, assemble and finish every single item by hand, working from our own designs to fit the exact specifications of a demanding, passionate clientele.

Affinity, Reality, Community

We are more than just full time craftspeople, we are a family run business and practitioners of kink, and this Affinity makes us special. Like our customers, we live the Reality of the BDSM/Fetish lifestyle, and bring this reality to all our products. Through our passion, our love and our sense of Community we have learned that open, direct communication is the cornerstone of a business like ours, and nothing makes us happier than maintaining an open dialogue of friendship with our clients.

We have also help support many BDSM/Fetish and ABDL, Pride Community and non kink related charities and projects throughout the years with donations or financial support.

Some of the charities/projects we have supported are;

Made-In-GB (Promoting UK Business')
Crisis UK (Homeless Charity)
Crisis at Christmas  (Homeless Charity)
Breast Cancer/Cancer related charities
APL (Age Play London)
AgePlayYourWay #APYW
LittleBigLand (AB/DL Event)
Pride Events (LGBT Events)
Smut UK (Collection of UK Authors)
USA - Littles PlayPlace Convention Texas 
USA - South Florida TOG - Holidays Picnic
USA - West Coast Jungle Gym: An AB/DL Conference
USA - CAPCon - The Chicago AB/DL Convention
The Spanner Trust
Various local groups donating leather/sheepskin/suede off cuts for craft materials 

Wholesale availability


Care instructions

We can provide you with care details if required. We also sell our own complete Cleaning and Care kit for Adult leather/suede/nubuck toys

Are all of your items made of leather?

Primarily Yes, unless we specify differently with our Vegan Friendly (PVC) range Items. We use only 100% Grade A high quality leathers, Suede's, Furs and hides, from Top quality suppliers who supply the UK and International TV and Film industries. We don't do re-constituted, Faux or Pleather.

Can orders be personalised to my specific needs?

Not at present, we are not taking on any Bespoke requests

Could i organise with you a workshop visit/bespoke consult with you if needed to discuss a larger project in more detail?

No, not at present due to the ongoing global pandemic.

What if i want an item you make in a colour not specified, can you still make it for me?

Not Currently, we are not doing bespoke requests. Within reason, we have a very comprehensive colour range of leathers/suede and exotic hides that we use, and what our suppliers have in stock to access. Speak to us about your Bespoke requirements.

Will my order look exactly like the images advertising the product?

SubSpaceLeathers reserves the right to make design alterations or adjustments to any of our products (Not sale items) to enhance the quality and functionality. We cannot guarantee the same exact colour tonality or type of leather, or hardware used in the promotional/listing images as this is a 100% natural product and leather tanning processes can vary.

What is the processing time of orders?

Processing of orders varies among all of our products, but items we have already have in stock will be dispatched and shipped within three to five working days of placing your order with us. Other larger custom made sets, and Bespoke orders outside of our normal production schedule will take longer. Please check the processing on each individual item you intend to order from us.

Can I request a modification to a product design to meet my needs

Possibly, but it will probably incur a re-design fee because it would be outside of our normal production procedure and require more time/materials to re-design.

How do you package your items for shipping? What's on the box? 

We use recycled shredded cardboard, brown paper, bubble wrap, plain unbranded brown boxes or Mailing envelopes, black wrap sometimes with your address and a return Zip Code only, not our business name (As required by our shipping agent)  'SubspaceLeathers' anywhere to be seen on the exterior of the parcel. We are actively looking to reducing our use of plastics in our packaging for 2020 and recycle as much as we possibly can.

How is my order shipped?

We currently use Royal Mail (Or Parcel Force over 2kg weight) First Class shipping for all our UK and International orders in plain unbranded packaging and all items will be tracked and signed for. Shipping times and Order processing times vary due to the variety of products that we list, and the countries that we ship to. You will be able to track your package via the Royal Mail and your countries postal service websites once we have provided you with a unique Tracking code (please check emails and spam folders for notifications). All orders have to be signed for on delivery.

We No Longer Ship To PO Box Addresses due to all our orders being shipped Tracked and to be Signed for, hence the package 'Has' to be signed for on Delivery so cannot be left in a PO Box.

If i want to order multiple purchases in one order and have them shipped in one package, can i negotiate with you a separate suitable agreed shipping fee that may save me on paying individual items shipping fees?

Yes indeed, we're happy to discuss this to save our customers on shipping fees.

What if I'm not home to sign for a package after more than one attempt by my postal service?

If dispatched/shipped ordered packages have the wrong sized items (As defined defined by the customer on ordering) or not claimed/not signed for by the customer on delivery and returned back to us, then in order to re-ship it back out again the original packaging/shipping fee will need to be paid by the customer again via our Paypal address which we will provide you with and a new Tracking number.

Sizing mistakes

Please make sure to provide the correct sizing requirements when placing your orders with us for items like cuffs, harnesses etc that require a specific size, as later sizing errors made by the customer can not be rectified once processing (making the custom made item) begins or has been dispatched without the customer having to pay extra re-sizing/postage fees.

Returning Faulty Items for repair

The customer is responsible for returning the package back to us in good secure packaging, and providing us with tracking details evidence of postage. Return postage costs are not to be unreasonably above the original orders shipping fees. Once we have received the Tracking details and Order back for repair we shall reimburse the shipping fee to you, repair the item and re-ship it back out to you providing a Tracking code.

Import Duties/Fees?

International orders may be subject to local charges. Any customs and import duties and associated fees are charged once the package has reached its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the package. SubSpaceLeathers and AB Space can not be held responsible for any additional charges on your order after purchase. Please contact your local customs office for further information.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of the Personal/Intimate Adult/Toy and Custom Made/Bespoke type products that we sell we do not accept returns for hygiene issue purposes and the ongoing Covid 19 Global Pandemic. We will however replace or repair damaged or faulty items and reimburse return postage fees so long as they are not in unreasonable excess of the original order shipping fees.. 


Subspaceleathers reserves the right to make slight alterations to products during manufacture, which may result in insignificant cosmetic discrepancies between physical products as-shipped and the illustrative images on this website. 

Model Credits - Permission has been sought and granted for the use of all images of products modelled by the various models on this website - Heleni, TinyBabyG, Doodlelion, Notyourprincess, Roofi, and LadyEmily. Please do not use or re-post anywhere without ours/their consent.