Update 2021 - We are Currently not taking on any Bespoke Requests until further notice

About our Bespoke Service

In addition to the ranges of products listed here in our online Store, we are proud to offer a personal and discreet 'Bespoke Service' for the more discerning customer wanting something special or 'one off' that isn't already available online.

Some of our Highlights of Bespoke Orders we've Fulfilled


We can chat via Phone (07832324069) if your in the UK or via Whatsapp messages or via email to consult with you free about your idea and specifications during GMT Working hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and to let you know of any new leathers we have available in stock. Then we will take a short time to consider and cost your design, and send you a free no obligations quote.

​​​​​SubSpaceLeathers can create wonderful one off creations for you like entire bondage and restraint sets, Ceremonial collars, custom made harness'', or an unusual Cosplay ensemble, and furthermore we can personalise them in various ways to enhance the finished look to make them extra special to you. There are many different designs of stamps that we have that can adorn your collar or special item to other dyed colour specifications and effects that we can create.  We can also create for you special presentation pouches, wraps, bags or envelope style in leathers too!


Custom Cosplay/Fetish outfit created for a customer

Also we can create and supply Dungeons, Events and Private play spaces with a full collection of Bondage, Restraint and Impact toys to suit the nature of the requests and finish them with either a logo stamp or name.

Example of an custom order for an event of ten pairs of restraint cuffs.

We can also re-furbish some items of Dungeon/Private Play Space Furniture by replacing tired and worn strapping, adding new heavy duty fittings and fixtures.

More Highlights of our Bespoke Work

Some of the sets we"ve made

Some of the Leathers that we use and is regularly available;

Our Ten Core Leather Colours 2.5 to 3mm Gage Thickness
This leather is around 2.5 to 3mm thick and is used for things like restraint cuff bases (Rigid type), Straps, Used mainly for Bondage/Restraints Tawses, Paddles, Canadian Prison Straps (two layers), and is a more heavy duty type leather.

These Leathers are more high grained and used for similar products as our core leather colours, but these are more 
Luxury Calf and Saddle Leather
These Calf/Saddle leathers are around 1.2 to 1.5 mm thickness and can be used as Restraint Cuff bases (Supple/Firm type cuffs) and matched with straps from our Core colour leathers, same with all of our strap on designs, this leather is used for the front crotch panel, Blinds, Floggers, the black and red saddle can be used for hogties. Bespoke bags, pouches, Cane bags, or can be used as lining for cuffs, our AB/DL range and many more items.

Black, Chocolate and Red Saddle leathers are a little more rigid than the calf leathers above and more suited to softer medium supple restraints, harnesses, bags, pouches or even collars or other similar items. This leather is tanned right through to the leather meaning the back colour matches the front.

The black leather in this image below is a very luxurious buttery feel exotic Zebu leather, and the Snow white, Blue surf and rose pink are calf leathers. These leathers are substantial, but pliable and soft to feel and great for products like our AB/DL and Petplay mitts, or for blinds, bags, pouches or to line other things like our restraints.

Soft Pastel Shades and Classics
These are the main colours we use in our ab/dl collection, but we also have many collars, cuffs, straps etc made from these colours. This is a firm to rigid leather measuring around 2 to 2.5 thickness so can be matched as straps etc to any of our other colour swatches.

Exotic Metallic Leathers
All but the Silver, Gold and Light Blue metallic colours are either pig or goat skin leathers around 1 to 1.5mm thick used as decorative inlays on our infinity paddles, infinity collars and similar products. They can be used to highlight any new designs of bespoke collars, to line them or restraint cuffs, as with the three other metallic colours Silver, Gold and Light Blue. These are very exotic colours and they can enhance any bespoke set. The silver Gold and Light blue are all luxury soft calf leather.

Soft Suede's
All of these suede colours are in stock in our workshop and used to either line restraint cuffs, collars or bespoke strap ons, and many of our current suede floggers are made using this colour range. This is the finest luxury suede that can be sourced in the UK and comes from a UK based Tannery.


Hardware and Fittings we use

All our hardware and fittings are of the highest quality sourced in the UK, we use all welded Dee's and rings, Locking and non locking buckles (20 & 25, 32mm only). Solid Brass fittings are also available Bespoke (not locking buckles). There are various Front swivel rings, bars, loops etc available as well.

Some of the Leather Stamps We have available for Bespoke Projects

Other Types of Exotic Hides we may have available

Hair on Cow Hide
Acid Splashed Hair on Cow Hide
Ostrich Feet skin
Snake skin
Animal printed/embossed, like Crocodile embossed, ostrich embossed,
Shiny Patent leather (Black) 
American Buffalo Hide Leather 
Black Zebu Leather
American Bison Leather
Scandinavian Ox Leather

Metallic Pig, Goat and Calf Skin
Lamb Nappa

SubSpaceLeathers can also make you that design of specialised leather Dog leash that you've been looking for, or we can also repair and revitalise that favorite belt that you really don't want to throw away. Have a beautiful leather bag that the strap has worn away or broken? then we can repair it for you.