We are established Flogger makers having sold hundreds of our impact toys globally, with many customers building a collection of them because of the range of leathers, suede's, furs and Harwoods, width of falls and textures we have on offer.  

Each one of our floggers is Hand Made individually in our Essex workshop by a Master Leather Craftsmen using carefully selected highest quality Hard woods for our handles (Turned by a member of our team) to our own unique, elegant and recognisable design. Then each one is lacquer treated, then finished with end black leather hanging cord and high quality gunmetal coloured screw fixed fitting. All falls whether Leather, Suede or Fur are stitched using high breaking strength thread (If required) then triple bonded and screwed into the inner recess of the handle very securely.

You can find more of our Floggers in our Etsy Store Subspaceleathers1

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