Reducing our Carbon Footprint as a business

We are all more than aware of the critical Climate crisis facing us, with the many Media audio and visuals of countries serious and growing problems with floods, fires, drought and our seas being polluted globally and more so with the recent COP26 Conference having taken place in Scotland highlighted on the News. We all need to make serious and conscious efforts to play our part in addressing this issue right now.

We've been addressing this issue for many years already with recycling lots of our excess materials, leathers, parts and slightly imperfect creations.

Subspaceleathers have a secondary smaller business and store on Etsy 'Triskele Leathers' that we use excess leather/sheepskin hardware etc and make Cosplay, Leather Crafting packs and other mainly small leather goods to sell or Craft Bundles/Leather Oddments. We've also donated our used cutting mats to Local Craft groups to protect tables.

We have been donating several large boxes/bags of off-cut leather/suede/leather cords to numerous small organisations, educational settings, craft persons and crafting groups of all ages for the last five years to recycle our materials.

We also re-purpose teddy bears/soft toys to create them into to our unique Fetibears which have new homes around the globe. We have re-homed over 250 Pre-loved Soft toys to date.

Subspaceleathers/Triskele Leathers have always only used plain brown cardboard biodegradable recyclable shipping boxes and recycling most of the packaging we receive our materials in.

Subspaceleathers haven't traded face to face at Alternative/Kink markets in the last three years due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and we have now decided not to do so in the future which reduces our Car Journeys.

We only travel by car once a week for the business to the post office to post out orders, but will soon have a post office in walking distance so will dispatch more times a week but do the journey on foot. We now have a new model car with less emissions polluting the environment.

We have primarily (around 95%) used Vegetable tanned leathers/Suedes in our products for years versus Chrome tanned leather due to the environmental impact that chrome tanning can have. (December 2021 Already phased out most Chrome tanned leathers that we have in our workshop).

Vegetable Tanned leather - uses natural vegetable matter to tan hides. The process takes longer and so the resulting leather is more expensive, but is much less toxic.

We have insulated the workshop in the last two years so that we need less heating for our work environment and at the end of 2022 a New insulated complete roof was installed  Our work hours during the winter months have also been reduced so we spend less time in the workshop in cold weather.

Primarily we source 95% of our materials from within the UK or more local to our workshop from mainly smaller businesses to reduce Air Freight/Travel pollution and to support other small merchants.

We Bulk purchase and store many of our materials than before to help reduce on excess car/van shipping journeys.

Investing in purchasing a Cardboard shredder and recycling used boxes/paper as packing materials.

Use brown paper/shredded cardboard as packaging in all our boxed orders (February 2022 - have already started)

Stop using 'any' bubblewrap packaging (May 2022 Now almost phased out)

Stop using Black Wrap for some larger packages we ship out (February 2022 Phased out)

Stop using Larger clear plastic sealer bags to package our AB/DL Harnesses or other large products September 2022)

We shall use only clear sealer bags for our gags for packaging

Design more versatile products like our multi front gags to use less leather and PVC materials (Working on new more versatile products)

Continue to recycle as much of our off-cuts, un-used materials or imperfect creations (March 2022 - Most Excess Leathers/Suedes/Sheepskins now either sold or listed for sale to Crafters/Artists via our Trisklele leathers store)

To always be mindful and consider other ways to reduce our business impact on our planet for future generations.

All our Staff in their own homes are also huge Up-Cyclers and Recyclers on a daily basis.